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Our Mission

The Ultimate Goal Of Education

The ultimate goal of education at Al-Imam At-Tahawi Institute for Islamic Studies is to instill a love of beauty, truth and kindness in people. Muslims call the highest truth īmān, or firm belief in the existence and providence of God; we call kindness Islam, or submission and submission to the will of God and acting upon it, on earth as it is in heaven; and we call beauty iĥsān, which can literally mean ‘beautify’, ‘reflect beauty’ and ‘feel beauty’.

The liberal arts of freedom taught at Al-Imam At-Tahawi Institute for Islamic Studies reflect each of these: grammar is man’s greatest benefit; logic equips him to recognise truth and spot deceit in its absence; and rhetoric empowers him to communicate beauty in whatever he does. With the mastery of these skills, we can begin the search for the absolute using only our reason and free from the limitations of our senses, leading to the perception of reality (ma’rifah), where we finally find comfort and comprehension.