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Al-Imam At-Tahawi Institute for Islamic Studies

we do our best to restore the broad and holistic tradition known in the West as the liberal arts and the comprehensive study of Islamic civilization. These civilizations have a common goal: to think deeply and systematically about the world (Creation), to think about its ultimate origin and purpose (Creator), and to ethics through our individual and collective lives.

Life in a meaningful way (spirituality and politics). Ultimately, the purpose of education from an Islamic point of view, and for Al-Imam At-Tahawi Institute for Islamic Studies, is to assist students in their pursuit and discovery of themselves and to instill in them a love of beauty, truth and goodness.

Things that make us proud

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Eloquence Skills

Encouraging students to acquire writing and eloquence skills.

Prioritizing Islamic Studies

Prioritizing the study of the Qur'an, Hadith, principles of Hadith, and jurisprudence (Fiqh)

Significance of Islamic Studies

Emphasizing the importance of studying Islamic history

Quality Teachers

Selecting teachers of piety and moral character who are sincere and devout

The Aim of Tahawi Institute of Islamic Studies

Our aims are to review and revise existing curricula and education systems to produce scholars who can appropriately serve Islam in this modern age.

Track student moral and religious behaviors in the same pattern as we observe student achievement in classrooms and throughout the educational system.

Reform students should be aware that the goal of religious education is to achieve academic perfection and excellence in order to properly serve Islam, rather than seeking wealth, fame, status or respect. With dedication to the defense of their religion and the truth of Rasoulallah (Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) and his life, they can be rewarded with high ratings and the favor of Allah, angels, fish and other creatures that pray for them.

Encourage the Youth

Students should be encouraged to acquire the writing and eloquence skills and abilities required by the present times with no other purpose than to serve Islam only so that it leaves its mark on esteem and reverence in the audience’s heart for religion. scholars.

Prepare them to speak Arabic fluently and write it correctly and in this regard, they should be guided in choosing books that are useful for them to study. They should learn how to practice their accent correctly to overcome their dialect deficiencies.

Students should be encouraged to develop a particular interest in the study of history, with particular emphasis on Islamic history.

Instead of logic and philosophy, studies of the Qur’an, Hadith, principles of Hadith, jurisprudence (Fiqh) and principles of Fiqh should be given the highest priority.

Details Regarding Specialized Courses

After regular courses are taught, specialization courses should be introduced for subjects like Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Propaganda (Dawah wal Irshad) etc. so that interested students can choose a subject depending on their caliber. Less fortunately, under the present circumstances, it is not possible for a student to take all these subjects at the same time because of his depression and his ability. In addition, the branches of knowledge multiply. Therefore, the study of each subject is beyond the reach of students.

Needless to say, teachers of piety and moral character, who are sincere and devout, must be selected to achieve the above goals. 

High Level Experitise

In addition to a high level of expertise, they must be meticulous and inspired to impart to their students all the benefits of their knowledge. They should be motivated to do so only to please Allah.

Only those who are themselves exalted and of great character can accomplish such an ambitious task. They should be full of complete faith and sincerity. Not only are they said to be experts in their respective fields of knowledge, but they are also said to benefit from the long-standing society of enthusiastic mentors with whom they are colored. Hard work must have become second nature to her. Poverty, frustration and fear of exhaustion should be alien to them. We should be willing to sacrifice our time and lives for the truth when necessary. Her ambition is to guide, educate, and prepare the current generation of students in a way that will encourage them to spread throughout the world as leaders. It should nourish and heal the sick.